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10 Best Real Estate Coaches in the World

We already know the statistic – the one about most real estate developers are failing in their first couple of years in the business. So how about we go the other way?

What can you achieve when you pay someone knowledgeable, experienced, and well-connected to invest in your success?

Why are there so many coaches & why only 10 best real estate coaches on this list?

There’s a reason why a few elite coaching companies aren’t monopolizing the industry… There are so many ways to WIN!

One of the most exciting parts of writing this article was doing the research behind the different programs. There are some massive innovations going on in the trenches.

Leaders are creating not only unique ways to win business in the new normal, but also unique ways to deliver the coaching experience to real estate professionals.

Best Real Estate Coach- Top 10 Real Estate Coach

You’ll see what I mean when you read some of the cool stuff these awesome people are doing – there’s great diversity not only in strategy and technique but in personality as well.

The point is that now more than ever, you have a good chance of finding the RIGHT coach who can unlock your potential and transform your business – and your life – for good.

Our goal with this article is to help you do your due diligence.

10 Best Real Estate Coach - Some Quick Tips for Choosing the Right Real Estate Coach:

Avoid free Service

Nothing is free, If a coach is doing well he/she shall never do anything free. Apply this now? Most, if not all, coaches offer loads of free eBooks, courses, scripts, business planners, and more on their websites.

Review their google profile

5-4.5 star google reviews are a fantastic indication that the coach is competent… But does that mean that they’re a good fit for you?

We listed each coach’s most prolific content platform – be it blog, YouTube channel, or podcast – to give you somewhere to start.

Read the fine print

We tried to find as much information on pricing and contract terms as possible, but a lot of companies hide them behind a “call wall.”

This gives them a better chance to sell you on the program, and that’s a fair tactic! You want to learn from the best, don’t you?

Prepare for and be 100% present at your consultations, DON’T just scroll through the Terms and Conditions and don’t buy with emotion. Coaches themselves want to work with clients who are a good fit that can make the most out of their systems.

If you do sign up for coaching, go ALL IN!

This is a no-brainer! Make sure you get your money’s worth by being coachable.

10 Best Real Estate Coaches - Top 10 Real Estate Coaches

Tony Robbins

10 Best Real Estate Coach

He is known as the global coach, an entrepreneur, #1 NY Times bestselling author, philanthropist, and the nation’s #1 life & business strategist. He has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries around the world through his audio programs, educational videos, and live seminars. For more than four and a half decades, millions of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and transformational power of Tony’s business and personal development events.

Grand Cardone

10 Best Real Estate Coach

CEO of Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Capital, international speaker, entrepreneur, and author of The 10X Rule & creator of 21 bestselling business programs, Grant Cardone owns & operates seven privately held companies and a $3.6 billion portfolio of multifamily properties. Named the #1 marketer by Forbes Magazine, Cardone is also the founder of the The 10X Movement & The 10X Growth Conference, the world’s largest business & entrepreneur conference.

Tom Ferry

10 Best Real Estate Coach

Tom Ferry is the #1 ranked real estate educator and the most prolific real estate coach in the industry today. His reputation as a charismatic speaker and impassioned mentor has remained staunch for over 2 decades. He regularly imparts massive value for free on social media and through his podcasts, and often brings in other leaders onto The Tom Ferry Show.

Tom is perhaps the biggest influencer in the business, and he’s pretty much the guy that opened Pandora’s social media marketing box for real estate. His first YouTube video is from 11 years ago, and he’s been consistent ever since.

Saurabh Kaushik

10 Best Real Estate Coach

He is known as India's Premier Business and expert for coaching real estate business owners, leading industrialists, Fortune 500 leaders, and celebrity entrepreneurs. He’s best known for turning around businesses when the stakes are high and world-class, the norm. He’s helped people grow their net worths over hundred folds in less than 5 years, without gimmicky tactics. His coaching technology combines modern-day coaching and the advances in the science of peak performance to deliver industry-leading results for his most esteemed, private one on one clients.

Joshua Smith

10 Best Real Estate Coach

Joshua Smith is one of the biggest names in the modern real estate industry. The Wall Street Journal has named him the Top 30th realtor in America, and he is a NAR 30 Under 30 Finalist.

He’s the mastermind behind the #1 real estate podcast: GSD Mode (Get Sh*t Done). Thousands of agents across the US and Canada have gotten a lot of sh*t done under his mentorship, learning modern strategies that help them crush it in real estate and in their personal lives. Joshua is the master of Facebook lead generation as featured on Inman, bagging over a thousand leads per month which allows him to sell at least one house per day.

Ken Goodfellow

10 Best Real Estate Coach

If you’re already a successful real estate agent or team, working in the luxury real estate field, or are looking to reach the next level of your career, you should seriously consider Coach Ken and his associates at Coach Ken International. He was a highly successful broker that managed over 200 agents. He then made it his life’s mission to help other luxury real estate agents replicate his own success. In fact, being coached by him is already a career milestone by itself. His services are only available through referral or application. You must have a minimum gross commissionable income (GCI) of $500,000.

Ricky Carruth

10 Best Real Estate Coach

Ricky Carruth is the first to tell you not to drop a dime on coaches and that’s why Zero to Diamond is free forever. He follows through by uploading free, valuable content on his YouTube channel and yes – actual training for free on his website. While there’s much debate on the value of paid courses, at the end of the day, Ricky is offering valuable content that real estate agents can consume for free.

There’s no reason not to check out his material and take what you need from it, especially since Ricky himself has been selling real estate since 2002 and was named the #1 real estate agent in the Gulf Coast.

Veronica Figueroa

10 Best Real Estate Coach

Veronica is a top-level producer and serves as a Zillow Advisory Board member, and has been nominated in the top 100 nationwide for multiple years in a row. She has spoken at high-profile conferences including the eXp Shareholders Summit, RE/MAX Spain, Inman Connect, and more. She has driven people to greatness beginning with her team members, building a culture of big thinking, and being accountable to their dreams – this has manifested into the D.M.I. Academy. She can be booked by the hour for 1-on-1 virtual coaching and tailor-made strategies based on the mentee’s goals – she focuses on team building, vision casting, speaking tips, financial breakthrough, building clientele plus access to the D.M.I. community, and more.

Jeff Cohn

10 Best Real Estate Coach

Jeff started his career as a real estate agent as Rookie of the Year, selling over 50 homes. He steamrolled into his next accomplishments, which included founding the Elite Real Estate Group, becoming CEO, and launching a radically different coaching platform than what has been available. He and the Elite Real Estate Systems are trying something new. The ERS Livestream sits you virtually amongst the Elite crew during their actual Monday Agent Training and Wednesday Dialogue Training. Beyond access to past and future recordings and the interactive “classroom” learning style, Jeff offers high-level coaching for top producing team leaders, a workshop, the podcast, and lifetime access to a google drive of resources.

Bryan Casella

10 Best Real Estate Coach

He along with teammate Loida Velasquez, have been dropping free, valuable content on social media to hundreds of thousands of followers on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Sometimes it’s going through old calls or recording live ones, others it’s Loida taking the audience with her to the office and showing what her day-to-day is like, or Bryan in front of his whiteboard teaching his audience about what it takes to succeed. Bryan also engages with the sports car niche. The most popular video on his channel is of him driving his Nissan GTR to The Fast and The Furious house. So if you like cars, here’s a highly successful agent who managed to leverage that hobby.

Why Hire Best Real Estate Coach

According to our State of Leads survey, most of the real estate professionals who responded claimed that they have not worked with a coach. So many are missing out. This is an opportunity to grow your business in a way that can’t be replaced, and we want you to reap the benefits. These are the reasons a real estate coach is a worthwhile investment for any real estate professional:

10 Best Real Estate Coach

1. Best Real Estate Coaches Provides Objective Feedback

10 Best Real Estate Coach

Sometimes when you are close to something it is hard to see what your strengths and weaknesses are in relation to it. This can be especially true for real estate professionals and their business. When you work with a real estate coach, you can take a close and realistic look at what is working for you, what isn’t, and more importantly how to shift gears for optimal results.

2. Real Estate Marketing Expertise

10 Best Real Estate Coach

Real estate coaches have become leaders for a reason. They are at the absolute top of their game and have a ton of industry experience in regards to what works, what used to work, and even what is going to work in the future in regards to the real estate market. This level of expertise can help you take your own real estate business to the next level– quickly. Getting timely tips a real estate coach will go a long way in making you an expert as well.

3. Accountability Shared with Best Real Estate Coaches

10 Best Real Estate Coach

When you work on your own, you are accountable to no one but yourself. Sometimes this is great, and sometimes it can really hurt you. Occasionally having some accountability to someone outside of your business can motivate you to work harder and level up in a way that you wouldn’t on your own. With some guidance, this sort of motivation can have a huge and lasting impact on your business growth for years to come.

4. Advanced Growth Strategy by Best Real Estate Coach

10 Best Real Estate Coach

When working with a real estate coach in conjunction with using other real estate tools, there is absolutely no reason you won’t succeed. Better yet, you will be far more likely to succeed quickly. If you are using a tool like Agent Legend to stay on top of lead follow-up for example, you can spend more of your time working with your coach on other aspects of your business. It is about doing things efficiently and a coach will help you move in the right direction.

5. Unique Perspective by Best Real Estate Coach

10 Best Real Estate Coach

Like objectivity, a real estate coach will also bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to the table. Two minds are often better than one. If you have a problem or need advice in a particular area, a coach will see solutions where you may have already run out of them. As mentioned before, they have been around the block and know a thing or two. They might have a new idea that would never come to you on your own. This alone is the number one reason to work with a coach.


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