6 Ways How to Choose the Right Business Coach

It been an unsolved puzzle for most of the entrepreneurs, business owners and founder on how to choose the right business coach for themselves and their businesses.

6 Ways Choosing the Right Business Coach

How do you know if someone is the right business coach for you? Why do some people get magnificent results from working with a particular coach, whereas some others feel disillusioned with their services? It all comes down to choosing a right coach for your business, your needs and your desires.

“Choosing the right business coach is equally important as choosing your life partner.”

Whether they're on the medal stand at the Olympics or standing in line for a hotdog at the recreation league cookout, great athletes always credit their coaches for instilling the discipline necessary to achieve a goal, offering helpful tips to sharpen their skills or providing encouragement during difficult times. Likewise, an entrepreneur can benefit from the wisdom and insights of an experienced business coach. Finding this unique individual is easier than you may think.

1. Self Assessment — Understand your Why

Before starting anything it is very essential to understand your Why our current situation once you know where you want to go, figure out what’s stopping you from getting there. Why do you need a business coach right now? Are you willing to get coached o the first place? etc .

This exercise will help you to understand your need gap well and you would be in best position to take the next steps to choose a right business coach for yourself & your business.

How to Choose the Right Business Coach

2. Speak with your Coach — Try to connect

Connect with the coach try to meet them in events, workshops and listen to their online videos if they are available. Best would be connecting with your coach one to one and share your current situation. It is advised to be transparent with your coach and never try to hide things, be yourself and genuine.

How to Choose the Right Business Coach

3. Chemistry & Mindset Connect — Long term investment

Personalities don’t always click. You may discover that an otherwise perfect business coach is difficult to work with, or doesn’t fully understand your perspective. (For example, many female entrepreneurs prefer working a business coach who is also a woman.) Your coach should be someone who earns your trust and confidence, not intimidates you into following his or her advice. A business coach is a long term investment and therefore a right business coach must click with you first, you must feel connected, high and empower with them.

6 ways choosing the right business coach

4. Ask for Personal Coaching — One on One format only (online/offline)

Understand every business owner is an unique personality, they behave uniquely, they speak uniquely, their business issues are also very unique there is no one fit size solution for anything especially in business, so it is advised that once you identify your coach ask them for your personal time, your personal space be it online or offline so you can dig deep into your game and derive a unique solutions for your case.

6 ways choosing the right business coach

5. A Strategic Thinker — Engagement with the core team

Get a business coach who not only coaches the business owner but also open to connect with the core team quarterly or half yearly in a strategy meet ideally. Core team is an important single link to get your business to the next level it is essential that your core team also feels the same high, empowerment and hunger to get grow big and faster.

Once your core team is set with the right mindset you rest assured that your business is now ready to thrive, each one putting their 100% means alot to the business. I have personally seen wonders happening just by keeping your core team involved and empowered. “Talent wins games, but teams fighting for a common vision win championships.”

6 ways choosing the Right Business Coach

6. Trust your Guts — Trust your instincts

I have studied several coaches over the past years who made me feel giddy with excitement every time I signed up for their program, or every time I experienced their work. Investing in them made me feel like I was investing in myself and my dreams, not just signing up for yet another business building program. On the other hand, I have also studied a few coaches that definitely weren’t the right fit for me. I didn’t feel aligned or excited while working with them, and this absolutely reflected in the results I was able to achieve.

So here’s the most important piece of advice I have for you — trust your instincts. Yes, you can seek social reviews (Google Rating), read up on testimonials and do your research, but ultimately, go with your gut feeling.

6 Ways Choosing the Right Business Coach

Choose the Right Business Coach

“Choosing the right business coach is equally important as choosing your life partner.”

It is essential to have a coach with whom you have a good rapport and whom you can trust. Once you are though with your research, one-on-one conversation, it’s time for you to filter those who are not meeting your criteria and arrive at the shortlist.

When you select the right coach for you and your business you are bound to get results. It’s important you are clear about: What is the change you want to achieve and what is the value of this change to your business and the coachee?

So, ascertain what a fruitful engagement looks like, and outline your plan of action and act on it. Without that, it’s all just wishful thinking.







 Choose a Right Business Caoch

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