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Mental Health Coach in India - Benefits of Mental Health Coaching

With time we understood the importance of mental health coach in India, to help performers do better and stay focused towards their goals.

Best Mental Health Coach in India
Best Mental Health Coach in India

Supporting others, emotionally as well as physically, can have a significant impact on your own mental health. Learning how to understand and maintain your own mental health as a coach is vital to your own performance.

Mental Health Coaches are the people who we want to support, grow, develop, and build so that they can master any physical or psychological skills. Coaches sacrifice many hours of their week putting in extra work so that everything can be prepared effectively for the training environment and competition.

" Mental health coaching is a technique to strengthen your mind, body and soul, so you stay focus and perform better, great and awesome."

Mental health coaching?

Mental Health Coach in India
Mental Health Coach in India

Mental health coaching focus on cognitive and behavioural forms of techniques. The mental health coach uses a customised counselling and result therapies. This form of coaching is to condition the mental strength, it does not ‘treat’ mental illness. Instead, it works towards emotional well-being and having a better mental ‘health’.

Lack of emotional well-being keeps us from improving our lives. I know many people who want to improve their lives. But they are not sure how. Mental health coaching is the answer!

These are the main areas on which mental health coaches work:

  • Identifying purpose, mission clarity, and defining goals.

  • Creating a strategy to boose the performance and gives better results.

  • Conditioning the mind for mental strength and achieve the goal.

  • Providing structure, inspiration, guidance, motivation, and support.

Mental health coach?

Mental health coach is one who helps improve their client’s mental well-being. A mental health coach uses a variety of tools and systems. They empower their clients to have better mental health. A good mental health coach provides guidance and support. They also give motivation to their clients to better than before.

Mental health coaches work with clients to understand their needs. Once the needs are clear, mental health coaches set up goals to achieve. These goals can be short-term or long-term goals. To reach these goals, they create a plan.

Through this plan, their clients will be able to overcome their problems. Mental health coaches also work as a partner for responsibility. Clients are not alone in their journey! A good mental health coach will always support throughout the way.

Importance mental health coaching

Mental health coaching is the most neglected but yet a complex topic. It includes mental structure, illnesses like stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), hypertension, and depression. Note that formal diagnosis with anxiety or depression is not everything. It does not mean that they have good mental health and well-being.

We all deserve to thrive as a human being. Not only survival, not only existing, we must thrive as well. Positive mental health is beneficial to everyone. A mental health coach empowers people to a new level. Levels where their mental health and well-being is flourishing!

When done right, clients can have higher productivity and creativity. They can get a more positive outlook in life. They can improve their relationships with their friends, families, and partners. Better relationships also open doors for many opportunities in life. This leads to a better and more fulfilled living.

Best Mental health coach in India

If you are looking for high performance and better results here are the best mental health coach in India:

Best Mental Health Coach in India
Best Mental Health Coach in India

1. Saurabh Kaushik — India’s premier business coach with expertise in mental conditioning coaching. His advanced coaching technology has been acknowledge by entrepreneurs, industrialists, celebrities, fortune 500’s and growth-oriented visionaries. He understands the importance of core mental strength and personal mastery to tap your innermost potentials for achieving the next level.

Best Mental Health Coach in India
Best Mental Health Coach in India

2. Paddy Upton— He has been associated with team Indian as mental conditioning coach and helped many players to get back in form. Coach paddy is a master in the trade of mental health and has deep knowledge in the field of sports and performance. His recent best-selling book, “The Barefoot Coach. Life-changing insights from coaching the world’s best cricketers” has been called ‘brilliant’, ‘insightful’, ‘one of the best books on man management and leadership’, and ‘a must for any coach or business leader’.

Best Mental Health Coach in India - Best Mental Wellness Coaching
Best Mental Health Coach in India

3. Jasmine Waldman— Jasmine has helped CEOs, CXOs, etc. to achieve the best with her mental strength therapy, she says “The holistic approach to making a business great is to not just train ‘business’ skills but to train life skills into your people. If their life outside of work, including health, stress levels, and more, are out of balance, they can’t perform well at work, no matter how well-trained they do their jobs.

Best Mental Health Coach in India - Mental Wellness Coaching
Best Mental Health Coach in India

4. Meghana Dikshit— Dr. Meghana Dikshit is a world-renowned Therapist, Speaker, and Mental health coach. Her experience in treating clients, including CEOs, celebrities, and athletes, to empower others to achieve the same fast effective results through her Ultimate Success Programs. Dr. Meghana specialises in clearing the Success blocks with her specialised modules.

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.”  - Glenn Close

Mental Health Coaches provide specialist peer support to help health and wellbeing services achieve positive outcomes for their clients. Once trained, these coaches combine their own experience of managing mental health difficulties with evidence-based skills and knowledge to help clients thrive in their recovery.


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