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Billionaire Business Coach - Top Learnings from Billionaire Business Coach to Entrepreneurs

This article is about billionaire business coach and top learning for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Billionaire Business Coach - Learn from billionaire business Coach
Billionaire Business Coach

Every entrepreneur needs a business coach, successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos etc all have a coach. In this article billionaire business coach will share their advice for the entrepreneurs, business owners on productivity, performance, vision, principles etc.

“Learning from billionaire business coach is an opportunity of lifetime and a step towards excellence.” - John Carter

Here are the top learning and advice from billionaire business coaches to entrepreneurs and business owners:

1. Bill Campbell

Billionaire Business Coach in India - Billionaire Business Coaching
Billionaire Business Coach

Hire Best People

The one thing I learned from Steve is to hire a great person for every single job in your company. Every person has to be great. You can’t just accept mediocrity because you have, it’s a low paying position.  You just can’t. There’s somebody else out there that can take that job and do something really wonderful with it. I hire good people and count on them to provide me with the knowledge and understanding of the position that I don’t have.

Trust Your Team

Hire a great person for every single job in your company. Every person has to be great. You can’t just accept mediocrity because you have, it’s a low paying position.  You just can’t. There’s somebody else out there that can take that job and do something really wonderful with it. I hire good people and count on them to provide me with the knowledge and understanding of the position that I don’t have.

2. Jack Canfield

Billionaire Business Coach - Learn from Billionaire business Coach in India
Billionaire Business Coach

Master the Technology You Need

In the world of communications, three of Canfield’s ideas on this theme reign supreme: 1) read with a purpose. When you research a topic, answer emails, or simply catch up on the news, know your purpose for browsing and stick to the agenda at hand, no matter how tempting the other headlines may be. 2) Consider dividing your technology by function. Reserve the office computer for work, the ipad or laptop for bill paying and news and the cellphone for online directions and calls. This strategy can help to shield you from the plethora of distractions a multifunction device can provide. 3) Perhaps most important of all—don’t kid yourself that the material you share or store online will stay private.Yes, select and use your online services with care. But if personal photos, private stories or snide emails are not meant for viewing by others, take a page from the crisis management rulebook and consider carefully whether you should post them at all.

3. Tony Robbins

Billionaire Business Coach - Learn from billionaire business coaching
Billionaire Business Coach

Prioritize your customers, not your product ideas.

"I'd say there's only one way to really succeed long term - and it's simplistic but it's true," Robbins said. "It's add more value than anybody else." And the way to do that, he said, is by falling in love with your customer, not your product. "If you fall in love with your product, you're screwed," he said. A common mistake new entrepreneurs make, he explained, is failing to notice changes in demand from their customer base because they've wrapped their identity in their company's first offering. That said, expanding the brand or pivoting to a new approach will be just as fruitless if the decision is catered to vague market developments rather than a relationship with a specific customer base. "You've got to figure out how to know more about them than anybody else does," he said. "Maybe they know about themselves in some areas."

4. Jay Abraham

Billionaire Business Coach - Learn from Billionaire business Coach
Billionaire Business Coach

Preeminence: the fact of surpassing all others; superiority.

Jays approach, focuses on superiority but for altruistic motives and intentions of serving others. This is truly the ultimate competitive advantage, when you're driven by pure intentions, with a purely external focus. With this shift, your focus is always on doing what's best for the whole rather than the self. If you wonder whether or not he floods his own business with this theory, just take a moment to browse all of the absolutely free resources he offers. Why? He knows startups can't afford his services but he believes they deserve the same knowledge and a fair chance at competing. As Jay said, "This strategy should become the underpinning of your culture, hiring, marketing, client interaction - everything should flow from this powerful belief system and new world business view.

5. John Mattone

Billionaire Business Coach - Learn from billionaire business coach in India
Billionaire Business Coach

Building Focus

The most common challenge for small business owners is time, which forces them to choose between focusing on operational matters and working on their business. Unfortunately, too many choose the former, because if they don’t pay attention to day-to-day issues and dealing with problems as they arise, their customers become unhappy and could potentially leave them. As a result, owners find it difficult to be away from their business for any length of time, as they are typically micro-managers. In addition, they struggle to attract the best buyers for their products and services: the people who most value what they provide, and are prepared to pay for it! This is because their marketing is passive rather than strategic.

6. Dan Lok

Billionaire Business Coach - Billionaire Business Coaching in India
Billionaire Business Coach

Become your Best Self Every Day

What most people don’t understand is this. Everything I teach is valuable advice. But you might be on a different level than me. So you have to break down my advice to your current level and start from there.

Let’s assume you are in sales, like a high ticket closer, for example. Then you should focus on your performance. Are you the best in your team? How fast can you close a deal? Are you operating at an optimal level? In my videos, you might see me talking about closing 5-figure or 6-figure deals. But that doesn’t mean you should go out there and try to only close such immense deals. It means you have to hone your craft, so you can get there gradually.

Every day, try to be a little bit more efficient. Maybe you got your first sale. Now get to the next one and then the next one…

Celebrate your successes but don’t sit on it too long.

Once you get to 50 sales, 100 sales or even 200 sales you will reach a point where closing comes to you naturally. You aren’t trying to do closing anymore. Instead, you’ve become a high ticket closer. Closing sales is only one example of any skill you have to hone. As you work on it and grow, you become a productivity master

7. Saurabh Kaushik

Billionaire Business Coach

Knowing Yourself First - Better than Anyone Else

One of the first steps in a successful journey of entrepreneurship has to be to understand who you are. Strengths, weaknesses, skills and abilities, and then to acknowledge that ultimately, every one of them will need to be replaced by others if your business is truly going to succeed. Steve Jobs didn't build the products that Apple designed. Ray Kroc didn't flip his own hamburgers. So no matter how new your company is, you have to have plans to replace you - the bad as well as the good - if your business is ever going to be truly successful.

True understanding of how much of "you" there is to go around is one of the keys to building your company into an enterprise.

Do you truly love doing the actual job or would you rather manage the business? Can you effectively plot the growth of your company?

"Business owner" really is three specific types of people - the Technician, the Manager, and the Entrepreneur and if you cannot - or will not - acknowledge your own strengths or weaknesses in each of those categories, your ability to be successful is going to be compromised.

8. Marshall Goldsmith

Billionaire Business Coach - Learn from Billionaire Business Coach
Billionaire Business Coach

Invest in Yourself - Get a Coach

Being an entrepreneur is a lonely thing. Many times, we’re faced with dilemmas, challenges, people problems, strategy problems… And we don’t know how to handle them. I think the most successful entrepreneurs build networks around themselves for support during just such times. Many young entrepreneurs are afraid to have a coach, because to them it signals some level of weakness. I think it’s quite the reverse! What you’ve taught me Marshall is to be a truth teller and to really commit to the process of getting better. I think this is the path to success in any endeavor, particularly a startup. I encourage entrepreneurs to find coaches who can augment their existing inputs and help them gain more self-confidence, be more thoughtful, prediction situations, and avoid certain situations and seek out others. I think the coaching world for entrepreneurs is relatively untapped and I’ve noticed the entrepreneurs who engage a coach really benefit from it.

9. Robbin Sharma

Billionaire Business Coach - Learn from Billionaire Business Coach in India
Billionaire Business Coach

Work On Your Business vs In It

The old Michael Gerber distinction is key here. I spoke at a YPO/EO event last week and met a young entrepreneur who’d just sold his company. I asked him for the single best move he made. “I worked on my business vs in it.” He explained his core concentration was on building systems and processes so the business ran superbly without him. (At the upcomingThe Remarkable Entrepreneur™ SuperConferenceI’ll teach you exactly how to do this as well as execute flawlessly on each of these 5 winning tactics so your business is bullet-proofed against difficult times).

10. Grand Cardone

Billionaire Business Coach - Learn from billionaire business coach
Billionaire Business Coach

Being Obsessed to Success

Being obsessed with business expansion is critical to success—it’s senior to strategy, pricing, timing, competition, or people. Place every ounce of your energy, time, money, and other resources into growing your revenue. Prioritizing the top line is more important than good margins. Shift your energy into offensive spending and investing. Make, raise, or borrow enough money so that you can reinvest 30% to 40% into expansion.

Billionaire Business Coach

“First of all, I don’t really take the company unless the founder is passionate and really wants to create something durable. Once you get the founder and CEO, you just want to find out what makes them tick. You’re trying to understand what they want to get out of their management team. Then you try to spend time with the team. And then put processes in place. I’m not going to tell Larry Page and Sergey Brin how to do their search algorithms. I just try to bring what they’re doing to life.” – Bill Campbell

“Even a billionaire business coach needs entrepreneurs like you, who dare to dream big.” - John Carter

These learning and advices from billionaire business coach will help you to grow your mindset, approach and perspective about business coaching and how it is helpful for making a business huge success.


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