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Business Coaching for HNIs/UHNIs/Ultra-Wealthy is Must!

The more money you possess, the more effort it takes to preserve and maintain your possessions. Ironically, luck frequently makes the problems faced by wealthy people and families worse. Being wealthy can also make you more prone to experiencing feelings of isolation and loneliness and leave you more open to being taken advantage of and joining an inner circle devoid of real, meaningful interactions.

A business coach can help HNIs/UHNIs/Ultra Wealthy grow faster and stay focused on the real game. Coaches like Tony Robbins, Grant Cardon, Saurabh Kaushik, Jay Abraham, etc. are doing tremendous work in this field.

Coaching for HNIs/UHNIs/Ultra Wealthy

In the last few years, the spate of initial public offerings and acquisitions created a new category of first-generation ultra-high-net-worth individuals (net assets with USD 30 million or more). In India, the number of UHNIs has grown by 11 per cent year-on-year in 2021, the highest percentage growth in APAC.

Contributing to the rapid growth of the industry, Indian Business Coaches have taken the coaching sector to a whole new level with their cutting edge expertise, helping businesses grow with the changing times.

Private Coaching for HNIs/UHNIs/Ultra Wealthy

Coaching for HNIs/UHNIs/Ultra Wealthy

An expert coach can help explore one’s secret doubts and deepest fears. And then have the courage to remind them of their own mortality. Remind them that they can’t take their money with them when they’re gone and dive deep into the impact they want to make and the legacy they want to leave.

Coaching HNIs/UHNIs/Ultra Wealthy with unbiased guidance when nobody else can

Coaching for HNIs/UHNIs/Ultra Wealthy

Your coach will not hold back on feedback. The truth is, most ultra-wealthy people have handful of people who are willing to tell them what they need to hear the most. A coach cares enough to not care. They are willing to hide nothing and hold nothing back. They’re not looking to be liked or to get hired; They’re are focused on serving and helping you get better constantly.

Coaching HNIs/UHNIs/Ultra Wealthy by building wealth without losing sight of their values & legacy

Coaching for HNIs/UHNIs/Ultra Wealthy

When you’re growing at a rate that’s exponentially rapid, it can cause deviations in the process. A business coach helps set a systematic process in place such that your personal and organisational values, objectives and mission are maintained throughout the organisation. From hiring the right fitment to setting the company culture, a coach can help strategise and automate this process to keep your company thriving.

Coaching help HNIs/UHNIs/Ultra Wealthy navigate and manage risks effectively

Coaching for HNIs/UHNIs/Ultra Wealthy

Billion-dollar businesses including Lehman Brothers, Washington Mutual, and Delta Air Lines all filed for bankruptcy. One of the "Big Five" accounting companies, Arthur Andersen, shut down after being found guilty on all counts., a shopping website with headquarters in the UK, spent $185 million before closing and being sold for less than $2 million less than two years later. The dot-com bust is today regarded as one of the biggest in history.

Unfortunately, according to NASDAQ, 90% of wealthy families lose their fortune by the third generation, while just 70% of wealthy families retain their wealth by the second generation.

The decisions you make today, no matter your current wealth station in life, will determine the quality of your life tomorrow. Research-based coaching strategies can help significantly reduce and better manage risks.

Wise counsel is everything.


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